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The Heart & Soul of Mighty Little Beings

At Mighty Little Beings, our driving force is the shared vision of a brighter future for our children. We’re wholeheartedly committed to providing schools and families with experiences that stoke the flames of passion within each child, allowing their full potential to radiate. Mighty Books & Brains is where academic excellence and emotional intelligence unite so students can thrive in measurable and immeasurable ways. We design units to foster strong human connection, spark joy, and get curious brains busy building a better world. We’ve chosen to center Mighty Books & Brains on these vital pillars:


Outstanding Children’s Books

Exceptional children’s books form the core of the Mighty Books & Brains curriculum. These high-quality stories are powerful catalysts for building robust classroom communities, igniting joy, and nurturing young minds with essential literacy skills and vocabulary.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence and mental health are vital for a child’s well-being, relationships, and future success. This is why each Mighty Books & Brains unit showcases a Mighty Book that ignites meaningful discussions on topics like empathy, grit, forgiveness, and gratitude, fostering emotional growth.


Projects & Play

Every child deserves the delight and innovation that dynamic play and project-based learning bring. In every Mighty Books & Brains unit, we incorporate ingenious toys and whole-brain projects to stimulate higher-level thinking, nurturing the potential of our future designers, inventors, engineers, and creators.


Nonfiction Learning

Our planet is a wondrous place to call home, and we believe that children’s enthusiasm for learning should mirror that wonder. Mighty Books & Brains achieves the ideal blend of fiction and nonfiction, infusing each unit with captivating facts on a variety of engaging topics. After all, it’s never too early to ignite the spirit of a young scientist, historian, or engineer!


Parent Involvement

Parents are invaluable partners in a child’s education. Thus, curriculum should serve as a bridge for communication between teachers and parents, creating a nurturing and supportive village for children to thrive within. This synergy between educators and parents not only enhances the quality of education but also makes the challenging task of teaching and parenting more joyful and sustainable.


Meet the Founder

Hello! I’m Brianna Kendall. My passion for creating curriculum took root as a graduate student at Hamline University, where I received my Master’s in Teaching. I began crafting¬†Mighty Books & Brains units with my former first-grade students in St. Paul, Minnesota, my middle school students in San Jose, California, and my children (ages 7 and 5). I wanted to teach using outstanding authentic children’s literature, engaging nonfiction, and projects that promoted higher-order and creative thinking. So I combined my training in International Baccalaureate Unit Design, Backward Design (UBD), Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI), Project-Based Learning, and (last but not least) my yoga training to create Mighty Books & Brains. Children, like adults, have a deep curiosity about humanity, a thirst for exploring the world, and a desire to express their creativity, so I am on a mission to create a curriculum that reflects that. Through Mighty Books & Brains, I hope teachers and students can read the most amazing books at school and discover a greater sense of flow and fulfillment.


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