What We Do:

We are a small (but mighty) company dedicated to up-leveling early elementary curricula, so children, teachers, and parents can experience more connection, joy, and purpose at school. Mighty Books & Brains provides teachers with rigorous, engaging, research-based units that encompass the following essential pillars of an outstanding curriculum:




Authentic Children’s Literature: The most important life lessons can be learned through great children’s books, or, as we call them, Mighty Books. In an era of high-stakes testing, schools are replacing high-quality children’s books with books (mediocre at best) published specifically to enhance reading skills. We put award-winning books at the center of Mighty Books & Brains because we know excellent books have the power to change lives (and, yes, improve reading scores).



Social-Emotional Learning:  Developing a child’s emotional intelligence is essential for their future career, relationships, and life satisfaction. For every Mighty Book, there is a Mighty Conversation, a Mighty Message, and a famous Mighty Quote to help students learn big concepts like standing up to bullies, being an antiracist, practicing empathy, gratitudegrit, and vulnerability. As Dr. Louis Cozolino puts it, “Those who are nurtured best, survive best. It turns out that our emotional resilience and our ability to learn are inextricably interwoven.” 



Play and Project-Based Learning: Every child should experience the joy and creativity that comes with dynamic play and projects.  We infuse every Mighty Books & Brains unit with the brainiest toys and whole-brain projects because this is where the higher-level thinking takes place and where our future designers, inventors, engineers, and creators thrive. 



A Balance of Fiction and Non-Fiction:  The world is a fascinating place. Children should come home from school bubbling over with excitement to share what they’ve learned about planets, volcanoes, dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, etc. Mighty Books & Brains strikes the perfect balance of fiction and non-fiction because the next generation needs to know their facts, practice comparing different points of view, and determining the accuracy of their sources.



Parent Involvement: Parents are a vital resource in a child’s education so curriculum should build a bridge between teachers and parents. Children benefit from growing up with a strong sense of community and a caring, supportive “village.”  We believe that teachers and parents have one of the most challenging jobs and that this job becomes much more joyful and sustainable when there is authentic classroom community and connection. 


Our Founder

Hi! I’m Brianna Kendall – the founder of Mighty Little Beings – a company dedicated to increasing connectionjoy, and purpose in early elementary education. As a teacher in Minnesota and California, the inadequacy of the curriculum I was given to teach young children saddened and perplexed me. The shiny new books and scripted lessons failed to engage, much less inspire students. Without a meaningful curriculum, teachers default to teaching human doings rather than educating human beings. 


I created Mighty Books & Brains for small yet mighty beings everywhere who (like us big people) seek to make sense of humanity, learn about the world, and utilize their creative gifts. All teachers and students should experience the fulfillment and flow of a well-designed curriculum. And every child deserves to thrive in both measurable and immeasurable ways.

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Our Approach