Mighty Little Beings’ mission is to empower and inspire parents and educators to create beautiful learning experiences for the brilliant, courageous, and kind leaders of tomorrow. We believe it is possible to raise and teach a better humankind through a shared commitment to best practice and a purposeful, value-based curriculum that weaves together the wisdom and knowledge to better humanity and the planet we share. We hope to fill every child’s day with inspiring books, meaningful conversations, and unforgettable projects.

We believe every child deserves to:

Read the best children’s books. It’s hard to believe that authentic children’s literature wouldn’t be the foundation of every school’s curriculum, but sadly, it isn’t. We put award-winning, life-changing books at the center of the Mighty Books + Brains curriculum because great books make the difference between learning to read and learning to love reading.

Develop emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the most significant indicator of success in life. Our curriculum teaches wisdom, not just intelligence: empathy, gratitude, patience, kindness, mindfulness, etc. These are the things that give life flow and fulfillment, so why not center a curriculum around the most significant contributors to contentment?

Experience the mess, joy, and creativity that comes with whole-brain project-based learning. Projects take a lot of planning, materials, and time. Understandably, they are often skipped by parents and teachers because they aren’t always possible. We want to make them as easy and accessible as possible because this is where most of the higher-level thinking takes place and where our future designers, inventors, and creators will thrive. Projects also help us all get lost in the moment and be present.

Gain scientific and historical knowledge. Facts are essential, especially when tackling the issues of climate change and racism. The next generation needs to practice comparing different points of view, determining the accuracy of their sources, challenging texts, and what they see on social media. Kids crave knowing the big, important things and being a part of meaningful conversations. When curriculum doesn’t address the issues of our time (including some controversial topics), the result is boredom, behavior problems, and a lot less learning.

Grow up with a caring and supportive “village.”  We believe that teachers and parents have one of the most challenging jobs and that this job becomes much more sustainable when there is flow, joy, purpose, and connection. Our vision is to see parents and educators raising and teaching the next generation of brilliant, courageous, and kind leaders together, bridging the gap between heart and mind under one curriculum to create the most robust foundation for little human beings possible.

Our Contributors

Brianna Kendall

Brianna is the founder of Mighty Little Beings and Curriculum Designer of Mighty Books + Brains. She combines her ten years of education experience, Masters in Teaching from Hamline University, yoga training, and her love of children’s literature to curate lessons that ensure children fall in love with learning from a young age. She is the mama of two very mighty little beings, Liam and Mabel (ages five and three).

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