Learning designed to better humankind.

Restore the joy of learning with every Mighty Books & Brains unit:



Mighty Books

Begin the day with beloved, life-changing children’s literature with a mighty message.  Our units feature outstanding books that impart wisdom, build emotional intelligence, and emphasize character-building themes such as courageempathy, integrity, and grit




Fabulous Fiction

After engaging in mighty conversations that foster connection and build emotional intelligence, students will master English Language Arts and Math Common Core Standards and continue learning through creative STEAM projects, music, and play. 



Imagination Meets Reality 

Foster a love of nature, science, engineering, and history.  Using nonfiction books, students continue mastering ELA and Math Common Core Standards and demonstrate their learning with through Project-Based Learning.



Community Connection

The Mighty Newsletter keeps parents and guardians informed about the scope and sequence of Mighty Books & Brains units. Parents gain access to the unit outline and helpful QR codes so they can reinforce key concepts as well as support the child in their homework.



Brainy Play

We design Mighty Books & Brains units with curated links to thematic STEM toys and top-quality materials. We prioritize play because in the words of Fred Rogers, “play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”