Peculiar is Perfect


We’re all a little peculiar, and that’s wonderful! Join us as we dig into this Mighty Books & Brains unit featuring Peculiar Pig by Joy Steuerwald.  Young learners will learn to embrace their quirks and those of others. Through character comparisons, piggy math games, creative arts, and nonfiction exploration, we’ll even decide if a pig makes the perfect pet! This unit is packed with K-2 Common Core Standards and fun!

Upon purchasing this digital Mighty Books & Brains unit, you will receive access to a learning module that contains the following:

  • A digital, printable teacher guide with Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI). 
  • Digital, printable student graphic organizers aligned to early elementary ELA and MATH standards.
  •  Member Access to projects, videos, and a list of materials and learning resources.

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