The Best Books about the Beach


As you count down the days till your next family beach vacation, try reading some of these fantastic beach-themed books beforehand. This “mental prep” gives kiddos a chance to build background knowledge about the beach, learn new beach-related vocabulary, and ease the anxiety about shifting gears or taking on a new experience. And, just maybe you’ll have one less overtired and out-of-sorts meltdown! Here are the best books about the beach to devour before your next sand between your toes adventure:


Fiction Books 



Little Turtle and the Changing Sea

By the time our children are adults, its predicted there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!  Little Turtle and the Changing Sea, written by Becky Davies is the perfect segway for discussing how our oceans are in danger and how we can travel in more eco-friendly ways.  Nothing makes me prouder than when my kids ask servers at restaurants for a glass cup with no straw!




Swashby and the Sea

Among the most amazing books about the beach is Swashby and the Sea, written by Beth Ferry. This is a gorgeous story about how kindness can soften even the most stubborn hearts.  Read it and then have some fun writing in the sand!





Don’t Worry Little Crab

Don’t Worry Little Crab  by Chris Haughton is a delightful story about a little crab’s first trip into the ocean. It has a mighty message of choosing courage and persevering even when the waves get big! This Mighty Books + Brains module is in the making!



Pip and Posy: The New Friend

From the time they were babies, my kids adored the entire collection of Pip and Posy but The New Friend  was always the biggest hit!  This simple story is the perfect one to teach the littlest of beings about selflessness and choosing kindness!




When a Dragon Moves In

When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore is such a fun story about letting your imagination soar at the beach!  It is definitely worth checking out the Storyline Online reading by Mark Duplass.





Wave written by Suzy Lee perfectly encapsulates the magic of waves and the joy of spending the day at the beach!  I love how this little girl needs no floatie or plastic toys to have the time of her life!



Lottie’s New Beach Towel

Lottie’s New Beach Towel, written by Petra Mathers is such a fun little tale!   A classic to be read on every beach trip!



NON-Fiction BOOKS about the Beach

The ocean really is an astounding place!  You will enjoy reading these fascinating facts about the ocean as much as your kiddos.  These books serve as a great reminder that we should all be activists for protecting our oceans.



Beach Books for little readers

If you have a little reader, these are the perfect beach-themed books to keep up the reading practice while you are on vacation.


DRAWING + Activity Books

Perfect for the plane or a quiet break from the sun; here’s a few drawing lessons and activity books to keep your little one busy!


I hope this list of the the best books about the beach brings you and your little beach adventurers a lot of reading joy before, during and after your next beach vacation!