The Best Art Supplies for Kids

Art has a magical way of bringing adults and children into the present moment. As a teacher and mother, it is my favorite way to calm a child’s busy mind and body while boosting creativity and confidence. Mighty Books & Brains entails many thematic art projects and drawing videos, so here are the best art supplies for kids to keep stocked in your art cupboard.

The Best Colored Pencils for Kids: 

Having a child who loves to draw means you’ll always have an easy, mess-free quiet time activity. But I can’t say enough about how important it is to equip children with high-quality drawing supplies – it makes a difference! I highly recommend Prismacolor Premier colored pencils if you want to encourage your child to develop a passion for drawing. We love this beautiful colored pencil holder from Etsy.




The Best Paint Supplies for Kids:

There is nothing like the calm, quiet bliss that watercolor painting provides! Among our favorite art supplies for kids are Ooly watercolor paints and Crayola brushes. Use thicker Artisto paper or even a compostable paper plate as your canvas. Practice using colored pencils to make the outline of a drawing and fill it in with watercolors. Or use a pencil, then watercolors, and finally a black felt-tipped marker to outline details. 

When it comes to acrylic paints, I love that my kids can independently pour Apple Barrel paints onto a paint palette when they are in the mood to paint thanks to their kid-friendly bottle. (Be sure to see mess tray recommendations below!)  And for an art session that requires zero prep and minimal clean-up, Kwik Stix are the best!


The Best Craft Supplies for Kids:

When it comes to googly eyes and popsicle sticks, the bigger the better! Before you get busy making creatures, characters, and puppets, here are a few more of the best art supplies for kids you’ll want to have on hand:



Finally, because art projects do get messy, here are some tips: Keep your art cupboard organized so your children can independently take out and return supplies. Use a mess tray to contain the paint, glue, and paper scraps! Once you have the best art supplies for kids, enjoy getting lost in the moment and creating something beautiful!