The Best Fall Books and Crafts

Pumpkin patches, apple orchards and fall festivals make fall a delightfully busy time of year.  But when you need a quieter, cozier moment to celebrate fall with your little ones, here’s our (always growing) list of the best fall books and crafts out there.




Little Tree by Loren Long is a Mighty Book about letting go.  Nothing quite encapsulates the fear and necessity of letting go like this story of a little tree who refuses to let go of his leaves but then misses out on growing as a result.  Mighty Conversation: When is a time you were afraid to change but then encountered something beautiful as a result?


The Golden Acorn by Katie Hudson is another Mighty Book with a mighty messageFriendship is the Greatest Prize.  Katy Hudson’s books always have great lessons to teach children and her illustrations are simply mesmerizing!


Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper is humorous, sweet and teaches children the important lesson of taking turns.  This book will make you and your children smile.



Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller and Anne Wilsdorf is another great book about letting go and trusting that when we do, more good will come our way.

Fun with Leaves

Make a Fall Leaf Owl

Making an owl with fall leaves begins with a fall leaf hunt. Thicker tagboard works best to trace your owl shape.  We used two cups and left the middle attached to create some large owl peepers and attached the nose last. If you want your owl to stay nice and flat, cover it with heavy books for a day as it dries.



Make a Symmetrical Leaf Design

Go outside and play a leaf matching game!  After you find pair of identical leaves, make a line of symmetry and make your symmetrical design.  If you’d like to hang your design, put a heavy book on top to keep it flat.

Fall Watercolor Painting

Sometimes the simplest things bring the most joy! Trace a leaf and watercolor it or paint a still life of your favorite fall tree.


More Fall Books We Love